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Specialistis in advanced 360 degree Immersive reality systems & innovative platforms developed from the company's patented 'BLUE ROOM' core technology offering sector specific solutions and expertise including hardware, software and content. Third Eye has a significant Intellectual Property portfolio and has developed a strong academic partner base with a number of leading UK universities that includes Newcastle (Institute of Neuroscience), Oxford, Durham & Birmingham.

The company introduces the Blue Room ISV a 360 degree immersive system. A unique combination of engineering expertise, advanced electronics, optical technology and software development has enabled Third Eye to revolutionise the industry by making unparallelled technological advances in third generation reality environments.

The Company has developed an immersive reality technology module for mass participation that requires no additional equipment to be worn by the participants such as goggles or headsets The ISV Blue Room Immersive Technology creates real time interactive totally immersivereality modules. A major feature is its ability to replicate any environment in precise detail thus creating the first third generation environment of its kind. The Blue Room module is exciting and exhilarating and gives participants a real sense of movement and “being there” in "true perspective".

The Blue Room is a module where all surfaces are screens. Visual sequences are embedded seamlessly into an environment to create the feeling of being totally immersed in the “Blue-Room” world with no external point of reference.

The system places the participants in any bespoke real time environment. The system can be interactive allowing participants to navigate through and control the enviornment at their own discretion. A unique Synchronised Immersive Surround Audio System complements the effect of viewer displacement to a new location.

The Blue Room has been developed into a product and specific systems with applications in a host of market sectors including:

  • defence,
  • security,
  • medical,
  • consumer research, and,
  • oil & gas & energy sectors,

The company has an experienced team of management and sector specialists who work with strategic partners and end users to develop solutions and enahance productivity for clients in their relevant markets. Third Eye has also developed a strong industiral partner base with leaders in their field which allows for continued enhancements to solultions on an International basis.

Please visit our Blue Room Technology web site www.blueroomisv.com for futher information on sector specific systems and applications.

Please take a look at our specific industry brochures: High Speed Rail or Oil & Gas, Energy, Process and Mining Industries, Autism and Consumer Research Brochures

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