Third Eye Consumer Technologies


What is Blue Room?

The 'Blue Room' is a 360 degree patented Immersive reality technology for mass participation that requires no additional equipment to be worn such as goggles or headsets.

A major feature is it’s ability to develop or replicate any required environment creating the first third generation technology of its kind, allowing personnel a real sense of movement and a true to life experience in a controlled setting.

The Blue Room is a module where all surfaces are screens and visual sequences are embedded seamlessly into an environment to allow planners, designers, trainees or operatives to be totally immersed in the asset in precise detail, developed from CAD and/or 3D models.

The system is interactive allowing the operator to navigate through and manipulate the environment at their own discretion, with the addition of an Immersive Surround Audio System which complements the effect of viewer displacement to a new location.

“Imagine taking a complex 3D model of a Supermarket Now imagine walking into a blue room module measuring approximately 4m x 4m and being totally immersed inside that Supermarket replicating the actual asset with the ability to navigate and interact with product in real time.”

Consumer Research in Blue Room

  • 360 degree simulation of a store and the relevant branding required, store layout and products
  • Ability to undertake product testing as well as simulate product placement
  • Quick and effective testing of different store layouts or campaigns
  • Can add real-time disruptive influences to the store such as other consumers, children, trollies, stock cages, location based tannoy announcements, conversations and placement of advertising
  • Content developed for Blue Room based research can be republished as a web app or iPad app to provide cross-platform synergy and access to a wider community
  • Option of using eye tracking technology to enhance quality of data

Why Use Blue Room?

  • No permission necessary from retailers
  • Flexibility in testing marketing concepts in real-time
  • No additional equipment to be worn by the participants such as goggles or headsets.
  • Blue Room environment allows testing as:
    • Consumer Laboratory
    • Outdoor Advertising Laboratory
    • Retail Laboratory
    • Customer Experience Laboratory
  • Engages key stakeholders in brand activation planning
  • Enables to capture data from the consumer’s decision making process
  • Allows researchers flexibility and speed in testing new concepts via the self authoring platform


Academic Partners

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