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Autism In Blue Room

The Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University in collaboration with Third Eye Technologies have developed the first effective treatment for children with autism phobias that could have a significant impact on the lives of many families.

The leading US medical journal PLOsONE recently published the results of the trial and the breakthrough made. Anxiety is common in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with specific fears and phobias one of the most frequent subtypes.

Specific fears and phobias can have a serious impact on young people with ASD and their families. In this study we developed and evaluated a unique treatment combining cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with graduated exposure in a virtual reality environment (VRE). Treatment effects were maintained at 12 months.

Third Eye Technologies have developed the hardware technology known as the Blue Room that delivers the treatment and its success is due to its unique qualities being 360 degrees with no external point of reference that allows the participants to experience near to real life environment.

In the UK alone some £32Bn per year is spent on autism and a large proportion on managing phobias and this technology has been shown to treat such in a considerably short period of time.

Dr Jeremy Parr, Clinical Senior Lecturer specialising in Paediatric Neurodisability at Newcastle University’s Institute of Neuroscience said: “Phobias have a huge impact on a child with autism and on the whole family. Parents often find themselves taking action to avoid the situation the child fears, which can impact on school and leisure activities.

“Currently the main treatment is cognitive behaviour therapy but that often doesn’t work for a child with autism as it relies on imagination. People with autism can find imagination difficult so by providing the scene in front of the child’s eyes we help them learn how to manage their fears.”

“This treatment has led to big changes in the lives of some families. To see a child who couldn’t get on a crowded bus do so after just four weeks of treatment is amazing.”

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Blue Room


The 'Blue Room' is a 360 degree patented Immersive reality technology for mass participation that requires no additional equipment to be worn such as goggles or headsets.

A major feature is it’s ability to develop or replicate any required environment creating the first third generation technology of its kind, allowing participants a real sense of movement and a true to life experience in a controlled setting.

The Blue Room is a module where all surfaces are screens and visual sequences are embedded seamlessly into an environment to allow partcipants to be totally immersed in the asset in precise detail, which provides a virtual safe environment for the user.

The system is interactive allowing the operator to navigate through and manipulate the environment at their own discretion, with the addition of an Immersive Surround Audio System which complements the effect of viewer displacement to a new location.

“imagine walking into a blue room module measuring approximately 4m x 4m and being totally immersed inside that environment replicating a fear or phobia with the ability to navigate and interact in real time.”

Newcastle University Team

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Dr Jeremy Parr

Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant, Paediatric Neuro-disability


Prof Helen Mcconachie

Strategic Research Advisor


Dr Morag Maskey

Research Associate

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